[what she wore]
ايش لابسة اليوم؟

︎24 x A3 Archival Prints Mounted on MDF Hung on plywood board painted in white with simple screws.

what she wore what she wore is a satirical installation that attempts to produce an iconography of images of women in traditional dress that troubles the hegemonic portrayal of the veiled subject as regressive and unagentic. Inspired by the digital media trend of posting outfits of the day in the West, what she wore shares the Abaya, which is the traditional gulf region dress reseved for women.; which has become symbolic in the west for the subject of liberation projects. The iconography presented in what she wore showcases the range of Abayas that women can wear to the various function in their lives, thus presenting a different, more nuanced and complex version of liberty that isn’t reading off of the Western script of liberation.