Jeddah - Venice - Sharjah

2013 - 2015


24 x A3
Archival print mounted on MDF
Hung on plywood board

"What She Wore" is a typological installation inspired by the #OOTD social media trend in the early 2010s, where individuals share their daily outfits, "What She Wore" takes this concept and produces a Hejazi version. The Abaya, in Western media, has sometimes become a symbol of projects related to liberation, often overshadowing the nuanced realities of women's lives in the Gulf.

The iconography presented in "What She Wore" serves as a visual testament to the diverse range of Abayas that women in the region wear to various functions and occasions. It is an exploration of the multifaceted lives and identities of Hejazi women, offering a counter-narrative.

 "What She Wore" becomes a symbol of the changing cultural landscape in the early 2010s, shaped by the introduction of social media trends and the evolving social customs in the Hejaz region. It represents a moment of transformation, where identity, tradition, and representation were being redefined through the lens of digital engagement.