11:45 minutes

"Love, MAMA" is a performance born from Nouf Alhimiary's Haramacy residency at London's Albany Theatre. In a nurturing and non-competitive environment, Alhimiary worked with emerging artists through an experimental workshop that explored the intimate realm of voice memos—digital artifacts of our modern relationships.

At its core, this performance delves into the intricate facets of love in the digital age, where it examines the paradoxical nature of our emotions. It invites reflection on our readiness to embrace love conveyed through voice messages while often struggling with in-person expressions of affection.

"Love, MAMA" serves as a platform for exploring the shifting landscapes of our emotions in an increasingly digital world. It scrutinizes how individuals respond to vulnerability and authenticity in voice messages, even as barriers may hinder face-to-face displays of love.

Central to the performance is the practice of ritual-making, a means to unlock the doors to love. Rituals have historically facilitated transcendent experiences and profound connections, here employed to navigate the complexities of love in the digital era.

The auditory landscape of "Love, MAMA" comprises a rich tapestry of sampled digital voice recordings from platforms like WhatsApp and iMessage. These recordings add authenticity to the piece, resonating with the experiences of both participants and viewers, echoing our own digital exchanges.