I am an artist working in multimedia approaches ranging from photography, video, installation, pedagogy, performance and text. I use critical engagement, collectivity and fiction to interrogate the fluctuating links between intimacy, technology, culture, gendered subject formation, coloniality and alterity.

My art practice is informed by my various lived positions and my reflections on them through scholarship and interdisciplinary research. I have been interested in gender, subalternity and representation (2012-2015) how affect and intimacy circulates online, and the virtual and the algorthimic as a site of resistance (2018-2019).

My ancestral connection to movement, migration and displacement; as well as my first hand gendered and raced subjectivity propel me to extend the dialectics of decolonialism into my art practice.

My writing has been published in Galdem magazine, Azeema magazine, Arab News and others.

I have presented my work in world renowned museums and galleries such as the British Museum, the Venice Biennial, and the UtahMOCA among others. I hold a Bachelor’s in Humanities from Effat University and an Master’s in Gender studies from London School of Economics and Political Science.

I was born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I am currently based in London.

For a complete portfolio of work, workshops, and CV please contact:  info@noufling.com


‘Desire to Not Exist’ mural, Fully Booked Book Fair, Alserkal Avenue, UAE, 2016.

[selected group exhibitions]
Becoming and Archive, Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University, London, 2019.
Haramacy Festival, the Albany Theatre London, London, 2019.
Cities Without Conviction, UtahMOCA, USA, 2017.
Radical Love, Female Lust, Women of the World Festival, Ireland, 2017
Radical Love, Female Lust, Crypt Gallery London, UK, 2017
Fully Booked Book Fair, Alserkal Avenue, UAE, 2016.
Phantom Punch, Bates College Museum of Art, USA, 2016.
Invisible Lines, Islamic Human Rights Commission Gallery, London, 2015.
Islamic Art Festival, Sharjah Art Museum, UAE, 2014.
Fotofest Biennial, The Meeting Place, Houston, 2014
Rhizoma: Generation in Waiting, Venice Biennial, Italy, 2014.
Mostly Visible, Jeddah Art Week, Saudi Arabia, 2013.
Hajj: A Journey to The Heart of Islam, British Museum’s Addis Gallery, UK, 2012.

Haramacy residency, Albany Theatre (London), 2019.
Bates Museum of Art Visiting Artist, Anthropology Department (Lewiston, Maine), 2016.
Off Screen Expedition, Crossway Foundation x Edge of Arabia, (London & Cornwall), 2012

Misk fellowship, 2018-2019.
SBM scholarship, 2018.
Culturerunners grant to Bates University Residency, 2016.
Crossway Foundation Bursary to Fotofest Portfolio Reviews, 2014.
Create & Inspire, Crossway Foundation x The British Museum, 2012.
Effat University Merit Scholarship, 2010.

Women’s Art Library, Goldsmith’s University.
Bates Museum of Art.

The Albany Theatre • April 2019
MED Dialogues in Rome • November 2017
Bates University in Lewiston • November 2016

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