Divided from You, Surrounded with You


Video, DV, 2019, color, sound, 5:46 minutes

"Surrounded by You, Divided from You" by Nouf Alhimiary is a meditation on the concept of "memory work. Memory work involves engaging with personal and collective memories to challenge prevailing narratives and unveil concealed histories. It is the deliberate excavation of suppressed or forgotten memories, leading to a more comprehensive and truthful account of history.

In this video meditation, memory takes a central role as a tool for constructing a personal and historical narrative. Urban spaces in London, intricately woven with phone conversations between the artist and her mother, provide the backdrop for memory work. The artist delves into her personal memories and those of her mother, intertwining them to craft a narrative that is richer and more nuanced.

Much like memory work's mission to challenge and subvert dominant narratives, Alhimiary's video art piece embarks on a similar journey. By incorporating personal memory into the broader context of collective memory, it challenges established norms and enriches our comprehension of identity and resilience.

In essence, "Surrounded by You, Divided from You" embodies the spirit of memory work. It encourages viewers to embark on a reflective and critical exploration of memory, history, and identity. 

"Surrounded by You, Divided from You" has a permanent spot in the  Goldsmiths Women's Art Library collection.

Video excerpt upon request.