Divided from You, Surrounded with You


Video, DV, 2019, color, sound, 5:46 minutes

A single channel video meditation on the poetics of movement, exploring its physical, affective and political dimensions. The scenes weave together different transmissions of images that analyse movement and the corresponding urban alienation surrounding urban spaces in London, where the artist has relocated alone; while the audio includes a recorded phone interview with her mother, in which she speaks openly about her own history with migration and alienation. The scenes, soundscapes and words question what a ‘move’ entails, what does it take to move from a place to another? Who’s allowed to move within fixed parameters? what does it take to move someone? How do we protect the ones who’d be most deeply moved by our suffering?

Video available as part of the Present Futures archives at the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmith’s University, London.
Video excerpt upon request.