2015 - 2017


Dubai fully Booked: Inkjet Print on Phototex
Others: dye Sublmation Print on Aluminum 

An installation investigating the subalternity of the veiled subject, and the lack of public interest in her narration of her own story, thus, renderring her own voice irrelevent both in the west through islamophobic portrayals of the veiled woman as a victim to be freed, and in the east through rigid patriarchal roles that impose voicelessness on her. the photo installation toys with poetry and existential dread, as experienced by the veiled subject, who expresses her agency through her eventual refusal to share her story. the visual installation has been displayed a number of times, and is currently part of the permenant collection of Bates Museum of Art. It additionally was shown as a large wall mural in the Fully Booked book fair in Dubai, circa 2017, where the purpose was for the mural of the intentionally voiceless veiled subject to loudly intervene in the space, thus expressing her agency.

(photos courtesy of Fully Booked and Helga Traxler)