Algorithmic Intimacies

Durational - Performative Immersive Experience
Mosaic Rooms, London 

Algorithmic Intimacies is a performative and immersive experience conducted in collaboration with Hervisions at the Mosaic Rooms, building constellations around affect, cyberspace, Islamic mysticism, and disembodied trance ceremonies. To conduct the experience, Alhimiary invited participants to consider the spectres of our multiple disembodied selves within a physical realm, designing a third space of sorts, that playfully disorients our sense of presence & absence.⁣⁣

The first iteration of Algorithmic Intimacies invited participants to examine their intimacy with the machine and via the machine.

Participants were asked to wear a VR headset if they desired to offer a topic for discussion, intentionally withheld from face-to-face interactions, viewing augmented moonlit beach instead, while others in the audience respond to their discussion points with memes, videos, statements, voice recordings and others on AlgorithmicIntimacies.XYZ, the collaborative traces of the experience, made by the participants themselves, exist temporarily on the site.

The experience culminated in a video installation that records the responses made on the webite

Video Excerpt Upon Request
Press Release

First Iteration at the Mosaic Rooms in Collaboration with Hervisions