Algorithmic Intimacies

Durational - Performative Immersive Experience
Mosaic Rooms, London 

"Algorithmic Intimacies" is an immersive exploration of the uncharted realms where emotions, technology, and mysticism converge. Commissioned by The Mosaic Rooms and in collaboration with Hervisions, this installation orchestrates a dance between the virtual and physical, inviting participants to navigate the blurred lines between presence and absence.

Nouf Alhimiary crafts a liminal space, where participants encounter their multifaceted, disembodied selves, disorienting traditional notions of intimacy. In its debut iteration, the experience challenges participants to scrutinize their relationships, both with technology and through it.

Participants don VR headsets to immerse themselves in a moonlit beach, transcending the boundaries of reality and simulation. Here, they engage in conversations initiated by unseen prompts, fostering a unique form of digital intimacy. These exchanges manifest as a diverse array of media, from memes to voice recordings, recorded and archived on a collaborative webpage, serving as a collective consciousness online. 

This ephemeral canvas captures the collective musings of those who dare to venture into this boundary-pushing landscape, marking the intersection of human emotions and technology, a place where the seen and the unseen harmoniously coexist.

Video Excerpt Upon Request

First Iteration at the Mosaic Rooms in Collaboration with Hervisions